1. Historic peace survey documented by Pakistani Children Television (PCTV) Newsdesk featuring an Inderias Dominic Bhatti interview.
  2. Sponsorship of the New Humanity Earth Charter, a statement of interdependency in which 378 Pakistanis affirmed their commitment to non-violence.
  3. Creation of the Peace Ministries Campaign providing prayer and arts activities to incarcerated citizens of Lahore.
  4. Funding for a 150 gallon filtered water tank for the people of Youhannabad
  5. Donated 25 pints of blood and organized a peace vigil to support the Ahmadi minority, a ostracized Muslim sect, after a terrorist attack killed or injured over 300 worshipers in an Ahmadi mosque.
  6. Provided clean water, clothing, food, and toys for the Pakistani survivors of the horrific flooding in the NW Provinces. These humanitarian gestures were Peace Ambassadors Pakistan’s central project 2010-2011. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  7. Successfully connected institutions of five different faith communities for dialogue, worship, and humanitarian action.