With gladdened hearts, we can announce that we have finished our 6 month Malala Educational Project. The students received a well-deserved celebration dinner and award ceremony two weeks ago, complete with certificates, toys, and many art pieces presented to the teachers. Pictures will be posted shortly!

Anser Yousaf Bhatti, Project Coordinator for Peace Ambassadors Pakistan, is hard at work continuing the momentum we have gained from our Malala School. For the 2013 Fall Term, our goal is to buy 10 computers to add to the classroom. In addition to continuing our literacy education for rural children, we will also provide free computer training for young adults. At the end of the 6 month semester, these new students will be ready to enter the Lahore workforce, having been introduced to the basics of computer programming, word processing, excel data entry and web browsing.

More to come soon….

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