We are happy to announce that both the Computer School and the Malala Literacy Project have started six more months of free education for rural children and housemaids in our Lahore classroom.

Unfortunately, Pakistan continues to have equally distressing issues that need to be addressed and alleviated. Back in 2010, there was a terrible flood in the NW provinces and Indus river valley due to an unusually heavy monsoon season. The disaster killed 2000 people and placed approximately 20% of Pakistan’s land mass underwater. Peace Ambassadors Pakistan went each month to the affected region to pass out blankets and food to the environmental refugees.

Just last month, and covered almost not at all by American news sources, another terrible flood has ravaged the Punjab province. 100 people are recorded to be killed, scores more missing, and nearly a million people have had their agriculture and homes directly affected.


Our Peace Ambassadors Pakistan team has been contacted by World Flood Relief to help. We will be traveling to Narowal and Sialkot on September 14 to pass out rice, flour, sugar, water, and clothing to people who have had their homes destroyed. But we need your help! We have raised $110 for the trip so far, and could use as many donations as possible within the next week to help those affected. Please go to our Donate Page to make a secure donation to our PAP Paypal account. We thank you so much for your help and for staying involved with our efforts for raising peace and consciousness in Pakistan.


Anser Bhatti

PS My family and I are hoping to come to America for this time this Winter to spend Christmas here!