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Orphanage Visit

With our Malala Educational Project on holiday, our team visited a local orphanage outside of Lahore to distribute food products to those most in need. We had a…

Move to the US!

We’re proud to announce that our Program Coordinator, Anser Bhatti, has received his green card and has relocated to the East Coast of America. 

2nd Semester – Malala School

An update from the Malala Educational Project, as we open the Spring quarter of our school. 

The School Is Open (Again!)

We are delighted to announce that after 8 months of fundraising, and years of planning, our Malala Education Project has reopened with 14 students this past week. 

Malala Educational Project – Reopening!

2016: We’re in the midst of a big fundraising campaign to restart our Malala Educational Project. The school was closed three years ago due to threats from religious…

Malala Music School

Here is the grant Anser & Seth have recently completed, after a request from PeaceNotes – an American-based music education non-profit that supports schools in war-torn and impoverished…

Seth’s Visit to Pakistan

Seth and his father Steve visited the Bhatti family, and Peace Ambassadors Pakistan, in the Spring of 2016. Here are a few photographs from their incredible time together.

Flood Relief Project

We are happy to announce that both the Computer School and the Malala Literacy Project have started six more months of free education for rural children and housemaids…

Looking back at the Malala Educational Project

Well folks, the good news to report is we’re about to start the second term of the Malala Educational Project later this month. The same 35 housemaids and…

Building the Computer School

The Malala Educational Project’s Computer School construction is well under way in central Lahore, Pakistan. We have raised 80% of the thousands of dollars we need for the…

PAP Computer School

We are delighted to announce that Peace Ambassadors Pakistan is well on our way to adding a computer school to our Malala Educational Project. The painting above (measuring…

Onward & Upward

With gladdened hearts, we can announce that we have finished our 6 month Malala Educational Project. The students received a well-deserved celebration dinner and award ceremony two weeks…

Malala Educational Project Photos

  Malala School Teachers