The Malala Educational Project’s Computer School construction is well under way in central Lahore, Pakistan. We have raised 80% of the thousands of dollars we need for the six months of schooling, and have rented out a bigger hall that can accommodate desks for 10 computers. This is in addition to having space for our pre-existing Urdu & English literacy school for rural children ages 8-15, and for 5 female housemaids.

Among our 35 child students, we are in the process of identifying 10 children who will be ready to learn web programming, data entry, and word processing computer skills. The goal is to have each student ready to enter the computer marketplace in Lahore after finishing 6 months of basic processing and internet training. Our Project Coordinator, Anser Bhatti, is studying Computer Science at Foreman Christian College, and will be helping to teach the students these valuable skills. Lahore is beginning to take off as a global e-commerce hotspot in Central Asia, which we why we thought now is a great opportunity to allow the students to receive a computer education.

The desks were built two weeks ago.

The Summers in Lahore are LEVEL 10 HOT at this time of year. Temperatures have been consistently exceeding 110 Degrees F (That’s almost 50 C), so we have nearly finished the process of installing two separate air conditioning units in the two classroom halls (one at the computer hall, one at the reading and writing skills hall). We have already had a carpenter come in and build the computer desks, which can be seen in the pictures on this page. As always, we gladly accept any donations at our Donation Page, and are looking to connect with education and humanitarian-based NGO’s based in Pakistan that may be interested in a partnership with Peace Ambassadors Pakistan.

hall2Soon, once the 6-month school term starts later this month (!), thanks to help of our entire Pakistani volunteer staff and 5 female teachers, we will begin funding to buy a home that will serve as our organizational headquarters, classroom, and safe house for women who need a place to sleep. With an official organizational address, we can continue the lengthy process of becoming certified by the Pakistani government. Thanks!

We welcome any questions or comments you may have.