An update from the Malala Educational Project, as we open the Spring quarter of our school. 

1) Number of Students 19 right now.

2) Number of girls 11 girls

3) Pairs of siblings attending school 3 siblings

3a) Classes they will take reading, writings & general county education in English & Urdu
3b) Classes they took last term same as above

4) Town(s) the students are from Kasur, a suburb of Lahore, Pakistan

5) Average monthly income of their parents 10,000 to 15,000 PKR/ month approx 100/150$

6) Number of teachers 3 (Maham Bhatti, Shaheen Bhatti, & Zara – all women with college degrees)

7) Method students use register for the school Shaheen knew the parents as she was in contact from the last school project before they closed in 2013

8) Age range of students 7-12 years

9) What is the purpose of the school? Go give education to the children who can’t afford to study in a school.once the get basic education we will try to arrange donors who can support them for  their education in some schools.

10) Future goals Next year we will be hoping to admit 3-4 students from Malala Educational Project in a local, registered school.


The Project: The school is housed at our secure, Peace Ambassadors Pakistan home and office headquarters in Lahore, within a safe, gated community setting. The students are largely the younger siblings and cousins those we educated during the original opening of the project 6 years ago. That school had to be closed due to threats from religious extremists. We were able to open it again once we found a more discrete location.